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Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog didn’t jump up? Beg at the table? Charge out the door when you open it? Good training is essential to provide for the safety and happiness of your dog. Proper training strengthens the bond between you and your dog. Every dog is different, some are laid back, some are hyperactive, and some are shy and need more self-confidence, and no one training technique will work on every dog.

The “Personal Trainer” program is structured training using a combination of gentle, effective, humane, consistent, and safe methods. It is never too late to have your dog trained! It may take longer to train your adult dog because of the time needed to spend re-training the undesirable behaviors.

We need to verify current vaccinations before you attend class. You can email them to us at frontdesk@kenl-inn.com or bring them in person.

*Ask about our K-9 Club Membership – $225 per year entitles you to half-price classes and more!

Instructor: Dian Quist

Dian Quist is Manager of Dog Training and has over 45 years experience of training people to train their dogs.  She has consistently attended workshops and seminars to update her skills and knowledge.   She shows her Otterhounds in Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Tracking and Scentwork.   She also shows her sisters Bull Terrier in Obedience and Rally.   (She’s a very patient teacher – LOL )
Dian@kenl-inn.com  *  402-488-8190

Instructor: Echo Cogdill

Echo joined the training department at the beginning of 2023. She primarily teaches the Basic/Manners and Just For Puppies group classes. She is also responsible for our DayCare Drills and DayCare Extraordinaire programs.

Echo lives with her American Pitfall Terrier mix and a cat. She trains both! Knowing that a dog trainer is always learning, Echo continues to attend classes, view webinars, and read books about training and about dogs. She is passionate about teaching YOU how to teach your dog!


Why Training is Important

small_paw Your dog needs to know the rules in order to become a valued member of your family and neighborhood. It’s important for your dog to learn some manners too! Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog didn’t jump up? Beg at the table? Charge out the door when you open it?

small_paw Having your dog trained helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog and increases the enjoyment, companionship, and relationship with your dog. A trained dog makes for a happy owner!!

small_paw Every dog is different. Some are laid back, some hyperactive, others are shy and need more self-confidence, and then there are those who have too much confidence. No one training technique will work on every dog.

Training Classes – Obedience

Click on a class description below to learn more.

Click HERE to view a pdf of the newest training schedule.

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S.T.A.R. Puppy Class (8 Weeks to 4 Months Old)

$165.00/6 Weeks

(Since puppies don’t come with a handbook)

Ever wonder why your puppy bites?  Is your puppy playing too rough?  How do I teach my puppy to tell me when it’s time to go outside?  This is a fun & relaxed class where everything is puppy!  Playing, learning, teaching.

Our puppy instructors are also S.T.A.R. Puppy Evaluators thru the American Kennel Club. Your puppy can become a S.T.A.R. Puppy!


Adolescent Puppy (4 Months - 8 Months Old)

$165.00/5 Weeks

The most challenging time of raising a puppy is the adolescent period. Dogs become “teenagers” and seem to forget everything they have ever been taught. This period is individual to each dog, but it may begin between 4-8 months and continue until two years old.

Adolescence doesn’t begin and end overnight.  Gradually, you will notice changes include becoming larger and stronger, as well as exhibiting  what some call “stubborn” behavior and a desire to begin exploring outside a previous safe zone.  It’s a time when your dog’s instinct begin to kick-in.  

There are numerous strategies for dealing with dog adolescence, both before it starts and during this phase, and although this is the most challenging time when raising a puppy, it is also the most rewarding. By training early and continuing to train, you’ll find the adolescent period is easier to navigate, and you’ll help your puppy become a well-adjusted, polite adult dog.


MANNERS/Basic Obedience Class (4 Months & Older)

$165.00/5 Weeks

Your dreams can come true!  Imagine owning the best behaved dog in the neighborhood.  Walking down the sidewalk with your dog right at your side.   Stopping to visit neighbors and your dog sits patiently, not jumping or pulling at the leash.   We can teach you!  Your dog can learn!

  • Obedience: come, walk without pulling, sit, down, stay
  • Manners: meeting people, don’t jump, don’t bite, door manners
  • Socialization around other dogs & people
  • Group classes that teach your dog to behave around others
Intermediate (Attention/Distraction) Class

$165.00/5 Weeks

(Prerequisite: Dog has been through Basic and/or knows basic commands)

So, your dog is great at home and on your short walks in the neighborhood…. except when you pass by that one particular house or that darned rabbit darts out of the bushes.  But if your dog knows the basics of sit, down, walking on leash, come when called (at least sometimes) then it’s time to step-it-up a notch and discover new ways to challenge your dog and build on those skills.

Take your dog’s skills to the next level – whether it be off leash, cues from a distance, therapy dog work, etc.  Having a dog that responds to you and knows how to behave around distractions… it truly can be like having your best friend right beside you!!

Competition Obedience Class

$165.00/5 Weeks

(Any age can start in competition class if the owner knows that they want to compete)

Whether you are a fierce competitor or just want that green ribbon, you will learn ring procedure, how to enter a dog show, what to do when you get to the show, and of course all the exercises your dog will need to know.

  • Learning or polishing all exercises (Novice, Open, Utility)
  • Getting ready to compete in obedience trials
  • Handler footwork & ring procedures
  • Rally Obedience and Competition Obedience have been combined (see Rally OB description)
Rally Obedience Class

$165.00/5 weeks

(Prerequisite: Your dog should know basic commands or have gone through basic class.)

Rally is a fantastic way to watch your dog’s loose-leash, obedience and attention skills skyrocket while having a lot of fun!

Rally is a course set-up with signs to follow.   It’s fun for the “pet” dog & good ring experience for those who want to show their dogs….  this class also teaches good manners as you have fun working as a team, loose-leash walking with your dog on your left side, through a course of specific skills:  sits, downs, stands, stays and turns.

You will also learn how to use your body language to communicate to your dog!   Everyone should take a Rally class – cuz it’s fun!!

Train for competition, fun, and/or good manners!

Rally Obedience and Competition OB have been combined (see Competition OB description)

Canine Good Citizen Class

$165.00/ 5 Weeks

(Prerequisite: Your dog should already have some Basic training.)

The Canine Good Citizen, Community Good Citizen & Urban Good Citizen designations are a “badge of honor” for you and your dog.  It means you have taught your dog to be mannerly.  It means you know your dog’s limitations.  It means your dog responds to you.  Most importantly it means you and your dog are a team!!

This class will practice all the essentials for the CGC test, and at the end of the class you and your dog will actually be tested by one of our CGC Evaluators.

Community Canine Good Citizen & Urban Canine Good Citizen are additional training and testing!  Just ask your instructor about those classes.

Individual Trainers

At KENL INN $130/hour

Our trainers will work individually with you to solve specific behavior issues.   We do  not do in-home visits, all training is done at Kenl Inn.

Call Dian to schedule your training:  402-488-8190

Training Classes – Agility

Click on a class description below to learn more.

Click HERE to view a pdf of the newest training schedule.

Click HERE to view our interactive calendar.

Agility Foundations Class (6 months Old & Older)

$165.00/5 Weeks

(Prerequisite: Dog should at least know their name)

  • A fun fundamentals intro class
  • Building confidence in your pup and you!
  • Always on leash (even though the area is completely fenced)
  • Tunnel, jumps at low setting, low dog walk, body awareness​
Agility Beginner Class

$165.00/5 Weeks

A continuation of Foundations Class, with more emphasis on the building drive required for competition agility.  More complex courses and handling skills.

Agility Advanced Class

$165.00/5 Weeks

(Prerequisite: Dog must be able to do 6 weave poles consistently & “hit” the contacts regularly.)

A continuation of Beginner class and preparation to enter Agility trials.

We have both indoor & FENCED outdoor areas.

You can also rent our outdoor area and agility equipment to train on your own!   Call 402-488-8190

Training Classes – Tracking & Scent Work

Most dogs “see” with their nose, so why not have some fun and let your dog show YOU how they “SEE” the world?!  Tracking can be compared to Search & Rescue, while Scent Work can be compared to drug/bomb dog work.

Click on a class description below to learn more.

Click HERE to view a pdf of the newest training schedule.

Click HERE to view our interactive calendar.

Tracking Class (Outdoor Class)

$165.00/5 Weeks

(Any age dog – itty bitty puppies to the older dogs)

  • Teaching your dog to follow a human scent & find a personal article of clothing, like a glove, sock, bandana, etc.
  • And if you find this fun, there is advanced tracking & tracking tests.   Ask the instructor what all is involved.

We won’t have class if it is too cold or too hot!

Scent Class

$165.00/5 Weeks

Beginner & Advanced work in the same class at different skill levels.

MY GOSH – Dogs LOVE this class!!   Almost any dog can participate and succeed, including elderly, shy/fearful, reactive, hyper, pet, competition – ANY dog!

The mental stimulation for your dog is challenging and exhausting at the same time.  Like most classes, you can practice for fun or competition.   Food will be the primary “search” item in this beginner dogs.

Advanced dogs continue the fun of learning to “read” your dog and working as a team to find the scent in various situations, AND expand to essential oil searches, instead of using food.

Advance your dog’s skills by adding even more search scenarios.  various locations, situations, and multiple scents.

Training Classes – Specialty Classes

Click on a class description below to learn more.

Cooperative Care

$165.00/5 weeks

Cooperative care is a type of training that involves teaching dogs to actively participate in their own care, such as grooming, handling, and veterinary procedures.   Instead of simply tolerating these procedures, dogs who are trained for cooperative care learn to happily participate in them.

It can reduce stress, anxiety, and fear that often accompany these procedure by giving dogs a sense of control and choice over their experiences,

Cooperative care is important because it can help improve the relationship between dogs and their owners, as well as between dogs and their veterinarians/groomers. 

Cooperative care is gaining popularity in the dog-care professions, such as dog trainers, groomers, and veterinary professionals, as well as zoo caretakers.

By giving dogs choice and control in their world through cooperative care, we can help them lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

Reactive Dog Rehab -Individual Trainer

Individual Trainer $130+tax/hour

The two most common types of reactivity,

Excitable/Aggressive dogs – If your dog is excitable or seems aggressive towards other dogs or people, we can teach you how to change your dogs behavior, as well as teach you how to relax when in stressful situations.

Fearful/Shy dogs – Do you have a dog that hides behind your legs?  Runs and hides or barks-runs-hides when company comes over? We will teach you how to build your dogs confidence so they don’t have to live in fear.

If your dog is truly aggressive, (has bitten and caused injury to a person or dog) you need to contact a trained dog behaviorist for help.  We are not that!

Shaping Smart Dogs Class

$155.00/5 Weeks

Limited to 6 dogs.
This is a really fun and rewarding method to train your dog, but it can also be frustrating (in a good way) because you don’t use any physical manipulation. You will be instructed how/what to do and help the dog to figure it out. You reward by approximation, so your dog “gets it” pretty quickly.

Because the dog is learning by trial and error, most dogs will retain the skill longer and offer to do it more often. The dog thinks it is their idea and who doesn’t think something is great when it’s their idea!? LOL

You’ll love training this way! We always get the giggles watching our dog “figure it out.”

Recall Workshop

(Indoor & outdoor weather permitting)

$75.00/2 hour workshop

What if your dog came to you EVERY TIME you called?   Whether in a dangerous situation or calling them back inside from the back yard, a CALL-ONCE recall is a valuable skill that every dog owner will benefit from.

In this workshop you will learn how to successfully get your dog back to you every time!   Will your dog learn it and be reliable in 2 hours?  No!  but we will send you home with a better response from your dog than you came with and the methodology of training in/with layers to practice at home.

Trick Class

$165.00/5 Weeks

Super FUN and you can not only impress your friend and relatives, you can get AKC titles on your dog!
Some of the tricks you can choose are: Crawl, Spin, Paws Up, Shake, Hand Signals, Catch, Carry, Wave Good bye, Back up, Jump into Handlers Arms, Make your bed, Retrieve, Say your prayers, Lassie pose, Pick Pocket, and MORE, MORE, MORE !!

Rent Areas to Train on Your Own

Our Agility field is completely fenced. You can also rent the Agility field or gym for your own personal training time for only $10.00 per hour/ per person.

Our gym (indoor/climate controlled) is available to train alone, with a group of friends, or just exercise your dog when the weather isn’t great outside. $10 per hour / per person.

We also rent our gym for doggie birthday parties and various club meetings – call for pricing information.   402-488-8190