What our customers have to say...

"Agatha and Angus get so happy with tails a wagging and leap out of the car and pounce into daycare, love the place, the staff are the best, caring and truly love pets. Great to have peace of mind while you're away that your babies are well cared for."

Paula Moon Bohaty

"I wish we lived in Lincoln just so Kimber, Sam & Rinz could go for a swim (Gym-N-Swim)! They would never wanna leave!"

Dani Specht

"I want to thank all the great people at KENL INN for always taking great care of the my guys; specially Katie, Shelby, Rae, Sarah, Jordan, Eric you guys rock! Duke and Tuff love you guys."

Jyl Thompson-Gutierrez

"Bruce and Bonnie love going to daycare and even training classes at KENL INN."

Carolyn Dow