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As of November 1st, we are changing our policy at Kenl-inn. All pets arriving at the kennel must have the Bordetella vaccine. We are requiring a 1 year vaccine, or at the very least, highly suggesting a 6 month vaccine.  While this vaccine will not prevent canine cough it will help with the severity of the symptoms.  This will be enforced for boarding, day care, training, use of the fields, and grooming.  As we get into the season of pets being in a closed environment, we see the uptick of this virus being spread.

Boarding Tips & Reminders:

Overnight Doggie Bag: Your pet is welcome to bring a favorite toy, blanket, etc. when they stay with us, just please no glass containers. We will supply a comfortable Kenl Kot and the suites also include a blanket.

Food: Please bring your pet’s normal food in pre-packaged (per meal) individual baggies.

We realize that some pets have special needs regarding food. If you have any questions about the best way to package your pet’s meals, please give us a call.

For those who choose not to do this, there is a $20 charge for us to prepare and package your pet’s food when you arrive.

Pills and Treatments:

1 Dosage (pill, chewable, etc.): $3.00

Injection and Other Treatments:

1 Dosage: $6.00 minimum (assessed on individual basis). Insulin, Sub-Q Fluids, Eye Meds, Bandage Changes, etc.

(All prices are subject to change, for more information please call or email Kenl Inn)