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Lodging and Activities

For your pets protection, all routine vaccinations must be current. We request you provide verification of vaccinations, from your Veterinarian, via fax, email or mobile app.

In addition to lodging cats and dogs, we normally have a few birds, rodents or reptiles staying with us. If they are a part of your family they can be a part of ours!


Pick-up before Noon (except Holidays) & there is no boarding charge for that day.

Executive Suites

Executive dog suites are for the dog(s) who want a room to feel more like home. The Executive suites are spacious, private suites with oak trim, brass fixtures, marble tile floor, Dutch door, full-length window, raised bed, and comforter.

More Details & Pricing

Per Dog:

  • Suites (any day): $60.00

Clubhouse & West Wing

General lodging rooms are roomy, private quarters designed for the safety and well being of your pet. Central air/heat is provided for year-round comfort.

More Details & Pricing

Per Dog:

  • Monday – Sunday: $40.00


Our cattery is well ventilated with central heat & air conditioning and an open solarium with a countryside view, all designed with the comfort and safety of your cat in mind. Personal Condos include cat nappers and/or resting shelf with fresh bedding daily.

More Details & Pricing

Duplexes are twice the size of a personal Condo and include a cat napper and/or two resting shelves with fresh bedding daily.

  • Cat Personal Condo (any day): $26.00
  • Cat Duplex Condo (any day): $40.00

Other Critters

We offer general lodging for rabbits, birds, and other small animals, just bring your own enclosure. Whatever your pet, we’ll take care of it for you!

More Details & Pricing
  • Rabbits (any day): $26.00
  • Birds and Small Animals (any day): $15.00

Shuttle Service

We offer a shuttle to and from your home (8 mile radius) to our location.  $20.00 per trip.  Prior arrangements must be made for this service by calling 402-488-8190. Please call for more information.


Overnight Doggie Bag

Your pet is welcome to bring a favorite toy, blanket, etc. when they stay with us, just please no glass containers. We will supply a comfortable Kenl Kot and the suites also include a blanket.



Please bring your pet’s normal food in pre-packaged (per meal) individual baggies.

We realize that some pets have special needs regarding food. If you have any questions about the best way to package your pet’s meals, please give us a call.

For those who choose not to do this, there is a $20 charge for us to prepare and package your pet’s food when you arrive.


$5.00 specials

  • Busy Bone
  • Bagel Brunch
  • Friday Night Pizza
  • Holiday Dinner
  • Sunday Sundaes
  • Tail Gate Party (Husker Football Game Days)

Per Pet/Time (Rates are for boarding pets)

  • Play Time (15 min Individual play): $12.00
  • Play Pals (20 min Group play): $12.00
  • Nature Hike (Group): $15.00
  • Nature Hike (Single dog): $18.00
  • Double Dog Dare (2 hours group play): $27.00
  • Hiker Hound (3 hours group play + hike): $37.00
  • Half Day Hound (4 hours group play): $32.00
  • Tail Waggin’ Hound (All day group play): $37.00
  • Training: $60.00/day

​See Day Care page for day care rates.


Pills and Treatments:

1 Dosage (pill, chewable, etc.): $3.00

Injection and Other Treatment:

1 Dosage: $6.00 minimum (assessed on individual basis). Insulin, Sub-Q Fluids, Eye Meds, Bandage Changes, etc.

(All prices are subject to change, for more information please call or email Kenl Inn)